Seven Warning Signs

from by Andy Getch

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Remember the commercials for the seven warning signs of cancer?


[A5] [B5] vamp end even lines on [A5] [G#5] [G5]
Sally’s yellow teeth and fingers from cigarettes in a chain
Stale hair and singed clothes from the butts of her mothers jokes
Money for food goes for booze and smokes for her unemployed royal ass
Nicole will light you up if you criticize she likes her bottomless glass

Oh and then she gets mean
Prepare to duck prepare to run
Fight to the death on the scene

[G5] Seven warning signs
[F5] Watch [E5] for [G5] seven warning signs
[E5] Hell on earth is yours with one of
[G5] Seven warning signs
[F5] Watch [E5] for [G5] seven warning signs

Mary’s chotchkes fly and the baseball bat swings
Glass, porcelain, or plastic she’ll break anything
Then she’ll go the the hall stand proud and sing

When Lisa talks sweetly that’s when the worst is coming
Massage with one hand and a slap across the mouth
If you don’t react with the right words now


Heather will never be honest, never be truthful
Romance is a game to get more beautiful
Yet she wears a painted smile walking into the hall
Holding court in the foyer like the queen of the ball

Then the final request buy me, bring me, take me
Well you know the rest
Brandy will stick around just long enough to find a better deal
No matter who gets hurt or how you feel

Repeat Chorus and fade


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016