After The Society

by Andy Getch

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This album was written and recorded entirely in November 2016 in the National Solo Album Month challenge. Recorded on a TASCAM DR-07 hand held mic and a Yeti Blue condenser USB microphone. Mixed on a home computer in Garageband.


released November 28, 2016

Words and music by Andy Getch - vocals, guitars, tenor banjo, and ukelele



Track Name: The Leaving Bomb
The Leaving Bomb

[F] I [G] dropped the [A] leaving bomb (x2)
[A] Won’t go to the assembly, [G] won’t quit my job
[F] I [G] dropped the [A] leaving bomb
[F] Leave [G] behind [A] society friends (x2)
[A] They say hello, [G] and I say goodbye again
[F] Leave behind society friends
[B] Like Luke I’m joining the rebellion
[Em] Leaving their truth in search of honesty
[F#m] Leaving isolation of the society
[C#] Too soon to tell where I’ll end
It takes brass tacks to walk away now
[F#m] Baptized, long time invested, out of high school
[Em] I want to be like the Fonz I want to be cool
[B] Only on me to depend

[F] I [G] don’t know what’s [A] coming next (x2)
[A] Just not gonna pretend [G] that it’s the end
[F] I [G] don’t know what’s [A] coming next
[F] I [G] dropped the [A] leaving bomb (x2)
[A] I don’t know what’s right anymore, [G] just know their truth is wrong
[F] I [G] dropped the [A] leaving bomb
[F] [G]
Track Name: Disassociated
[D4] Disas [D2] soci [D4] ated (repeat 4 times)

[C] Tuesday night Art History, Thursday night Ecology
[B] Sunday morning I sleep in and go to the beach
[Bb] While the hangover wears off
[A] Shifting into focus

Repeat Refrain

[C] I’m not the kid I used to be
Sitting in the second row in wide eyed belief
[B] Of anything the brothers would preach
College books replacing bible studies
[Bb] Information gathering replacing reinforced brainwashes
Searching replaces waiting
[A] Adventure replaces evangelizing
Communication replaces fear and hiding

Repeat Refrain

[C] I’ve been disassociated from the society, it’s official now
[B] When I already had separated myself anyhow
[Bb] Climbed up and out of the hole of guilt, fear and shame for daily sin
[A] While a few crabs still try to pull me back in

[C] I still stay at my parents house, but not for long
[B] Safe subject conversations is the norm
[Bb] Disassociated means family and friends in the truth no longer talk to me
[A] Because I have joined the worldly people
[D] Just like I wanted to be

Repeat Refrain
Track Name: Uncertain About Leaving
[A4] [A] [Am] [Adim] repeat progression

Uncertain about leaving
Uncertain about writing about this
Uneasy with these feelings
Uncomfortable with being on that list

Repeat Refrain

They might call me an unbeliever
They might disassociate
They might disfellowship
They might call me apostate

I made a choice, a decision
Rather bury the past, than face
The pitied look with the derision
Statement: “Were you really one of them?
Going door to door with magazines
What was it, the Watchtower, some kind of tract and what the Awake?

So I didn’t tell anyone
Not at intramurals, the Village or the coop/CLO dorm
Besides kin, a friend of the family
I didn’t want anyone to know

Repeat Refrain
Track Name: After The Society
After The Society
Open Adim EbACAAEb
Chords: A - 1o1oo1; Dm - 2o2oo2; Adim - oooooo; Bdim - 222222; Cdim - 333333;

Chorus 1
[A] After the society
[Dm] I dropped the illusion, discarded the one-way glass shield
[A] Traded dogma for temporary confusion
[Dm] Running outside in the field

[Adim] Brothers on the stage are the all-knowing sage
[Bdim] Read from the Bible Watchtower and Awake
[Cdim] Word for word turn the page
[Bdim] Firmly believing our lives are at stake

Repeat Chorus 1

[Adim] I see through the ruse its just another club trying to get more members paying dues
[Bdim] So the fat cats in society can buy more land and build notoriety
[Cdim] Making up their own interpretations and sets of rules
[Bdim] Another exclusive isolationist view

Chorus 2
[A] After the society
[Dm] I searched for a new truth, blazing a brand new trail
[A] Life is in finding solutions, do or do not
[Dm] There is no fail
Track Name: The Prime Directive
[G] [F#] [G] [F#]
[G] I need a goal, [F#] I need a purpose
[G] A single minded [F#] focus
[G] To keep me from [F#] temptation
[G] From quitting and [F#] going home
[G] [F#] [G] [F#]
[G] I need a channel, a [F#] conduit
[G] A push to get me [F#] through it
[G] When hard times drag me into [F#] darkness
[G] And I can’t find [F#] my spark

[E] The prime directive is my beacon
A flashing radio tower light
The prime directive is my beacon
A flashing radio tower light
The prime directive is my beacon
A flashing radio tower light
At the end of a long road
On a lonely highway drive
[F] The prime directive is my reason
To keep me moving forward
Progress through the worst mess
Carry through this slide

[G] I need a test, [F#] I need a benchmark
[G] A milestone to see where [F#]I started
[G] And show me [F#] where I’ll be
[F] At the [E] end
Track Name: I Believe I Am Overwhelmed
I believe I am overwhelmed
[B] [E] [E] [E] [A] [E] [E] [E]
I believe that I should be free to do as I please
I believe there is so much more than what I perceive
I believe that the creators of the universe are less invested in individual outcomes
I believe in baseball, volleyball and exercise
I believe I am [D] overwhelmed

I believe that The Bible is an assemblage of myths
I believe that The Bible is an assemblage of myths, fables, and history rewritten by organized churches
I believe there is other intelligent life in the universe
I believe that science can both save and destroy us
I believe in taking better care of the environment
I believe I am [D] overwhelmed

I believe riding a bicycle is legitimate transportation
I believe in Ford Motor Company and Mustangs
I believe that climate change will occur
I believe in walking
I believe that I …I [D] am tired


I believe in roller skating
I believe in frozen pizza
I believe I can do it all myself, I don’t need any help
I believe in ATM’s
I believe in waiting for sex
I believe in reusing
I believe in used records
I believe I am [D] overwhelmed

I believe in school spirit
I believe in Pittsburgh sports teams
I believe in the Gators
I believe in the Cypress Lake Panthers
I believe I believe I am I believe I am [D] confused

I believe in doing good things out of love and not out of fear
I believe in the power of playing
I believe in a songbird
I believe in music
I believe I am [D] overwhelmed
Track Name: Listening To My Inner Voice
Listening To My Inner Voice

[A] [D] vamp
At first it was pleasant, a dream of everlasting life in paradise
Brothers spinning perfection, everything wonderful and in line
Then the tales got too tall, the fables too unbelievable
I had to leave the hall, the society fabric was insensible
The rules too rigid, stand aside and waiting for this system of things to end
The price was high I had to leave behind most of my family and friends

[Gdim] God damned independent by choice
[F#m] After leaving the religion
[E] Listening to my inner [A] voice

At first it was fun, a frat party every night
Brothers drinking and laughing, I felt Animal House delights
Then the cruel tricks started, we pledges became slaves
I had to leave the house, fraternity fabric was insensible
The rules too rigid, grades go down the tubes so long as I did pledge duties
I took off the blindfold, it was time to leave

God damned independent by choice
After leaving the fraternity
Listening to my inner voice
Track Name: Still Figuring Out Why
Still Figuring Out Why
Tenor banjo open A AC#EA

Verse 1
[D] George promised everlasting [A] life
[D] Where all your dreams come [A] true
[D] In a beautiful [A] paradise
[D] Follow him is all you have to [A] do

[A] Still figuring out why [Bm] they were mesmerized
[C#m] but I’m not surprised [D] Feel like I want to cry
[Cm] But my eyes are dry [Bm] No matter how I [A] try

Verse 2
[D] Don’t question his [A] wisdom
[D] Don’t threaten his [A] power
[D] Stop and listen to the bene [A] diction
[D] Stop and listen to it [A] now

Repeat chorus

[C] Living like out [B] siders
[C] Dreaming of Arma [B] geddon
[C] Followers of the de [B] ciders
[C] Of why and [B] how they’re [A] living

Verse 3
[D] Peter questioned his [A] wisdom
[D] Ira threatened his [A] power
[D] They stopped listening to the bene [A] diction
[D] They stopped listening to it [A] now

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Strange Witness Visit
[E] [G] [B] [C] 4/4 fingerstyle progression

[E] The doorbell rings, [G] Saturday 9 a.m.
[B] I just got out of bed, [C] because I’m expecting
[E] Carol and Sherry to stop by, [G] we’re going roller blading
[B] Instead at the door, [C] it’s a kid holding magazines

[E] Hi sir how are you, [G] the 14 year old asks
[B] I’m here with the latest copies [C] of the Watchtower and Awake
[E] [G] [B] [C]
[E] I have visions of Chevy Chase [G] the land shark SNL skit
[B] Or worse claws reaching out [C] to pull me back into the crab bucket

Chorus (strum start at E10)
[D] If I tell them I am a lost sheep [C] Will that bring down a parade
[Bb] Of crabs wearing ties [Ab] trying to pull me back into the bucket
[Gb] I’m not ready for that [E] charade

[E] I say no thanks I’m not interested [G] have a nice day
[B] I know that any encouragement or questions, [C] will prolong their stay
[E] If I take the magazine, [G] he’ll be back probably with reinforcements
[B] To try to get me to [C] agree to a Bible study

Repeat chorus

[E] The 14 year old departs [G] down the 31st street sidewalk and smiles
[B] Others in dresses and ties roam the neighborhood [C] looking to proselytze and evangelize
[E] [G] [B] [C]
[E] Just another [G] strange witness visit
[B] Already found my own truth [C] when I was ready for it

[E] [G] [B] [C] x2
[E] [G] [B] [C] up the neck x2
[E] [G] [B] [C] repeat and fade
Track Name: I’m Still The Pretender
I’m Still The Pretender
12 string guitar tuned down a step

[G] I used to drive a [G/F#] hot rod mustang to [G/E] cypress lake high school
{C] Line up at the red light [C/B] punch it to the speed limit [Am] thinking I was cool
[G] Quiet and scared [G/F#] running from dares [G/E] of the angry fools
{C] Who had time to vent [C/B] and crime to bend [Am] all the rules

[Amaj7] I’m still the pretender
[A7] Taking a Quantum Leap inhabiting this skin
[A] Making believe I can handle situations I find myself in
[A4] Diggin deep enough for strength and peace from within

[G] I used to crawl [G/F#] to the Kingdom Hall [G/E] and pray
{C] I read the literature [C/B] New World translation of scripture [Am] about the last days
[G] Now I go to work [G/F#] and study trying to find [G/E] a new way to say
{C] What used to be [C/B] recited to me [Am] every way

[D] Yet I used to believe, [C] in wisdom handed down rolling [G] off the cuffed sleeve
[D] Just one good deed, [E] would carry away sin and [F] all that ways I’d bleed

Repeat Chorus

[G] I sold the fastback [G/F#] got a 4-cylinder hatchback [G/E] and a gator cup
{C] I ride my bike [C/B] to college to pull my [Am] self back up
[G] Out of the swamp [G/F#] on a bachelor romp [G/E] and building up tough
{C] Until I can find [C/B] a daily reminder [Am] that I am enough

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental verse

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Seven Warning Signs
[A5] [B5] vamp end even lines on [A5] [G#5] [G5]
Sally’s yellow teeth and fingers from cigarettes in a chain
Stale hair and singed clothes from the butts of her mothers jokes
Money for food goes for booze and smokes for her unemployed royal ass
Nicole will light you up if you criticize she likes her bottomless glass

Oh and then she gets mean
Prepare to duck prepare to run
Fight to the death on the scene

[G5] Seven warning signs
[F5] Watch [E5] for [G5] seven warning signs
[E5] Hell on earth is yours with one of
[G5] Seven warning signs
[F5] Watch [E5] for [G5] seven warning signs

Mary’s chotchkes fly and the baseball bat swings
Glass, porcelain, or plastic she’ll break anything
Then she’ll go the the hall stand proud and sing

When Lisa talks sweetly that’s when the worst is coming
Massage with one hand and a slap across the mouth
If you don’t react with the right words now


Heather will never be honest, never be truthful
Romance is a game to get more beautiful
Yet she wears a painted smile walking into the hall
Holding court in the foyer like the queen of the ball

Then the final request buy me, bring me, take me
Well you know the rest
Brandy will stick around just long enough to find a better deal
No matter who gets hurt or how you feel

Repeat Chorus and fade
Track Name: Fear Is The Little Mindkiller
Fear Is The Little Mindkiller
F# - 244322; F - 133211; Adim - xo121x; A- xo222o;
Pattern 1243

[F#] I will not give in to [F] fear
Fear is the little [Adim] mindkiller
[F#] Fear only wishes to control and  [F] cripple me
From success under the thumb of its [A] authority

[F#] I will face my fear and let it pass over me and through [F] me
Fear is the little [Adim] mindkiller
[F#] Fear wants to hold on to its [F] grip on me
Strangling until I can’t [A] move or breathe

[F#] I will not give in to [F] fear
Fear is the little [Adim] mindkiller
[G] I will turn to see that [A] fear is just a shadow stripping me of [B] who i can be
[C] A virus that needs a host to spread its [D] disease

[F#] I will not give in to [F] fear
Fear is the little [A] mindkiller
Track Name: MST3K On Turkey Day
MST3K On Turkey Day

Wake up to the Macy’s parade, 50 foot Bullwinkle balloon soars over Broadway
Miss America’s fashion opinion of have a lot of sway
Not long for football, Lions play after noon
First a few more high school marching band tunes

Thanksgiving day, so much to be grateful for today
It’s not official, but we pretend its a witness holiday

Dinner is served, a dry turkey roast slathered in gravy
Lumpy mashed potato, runny pumpkin pie, and soda finish us off
Just in time for the Cowboy’s kickoff

Family drama, uncle had to much to drink again
I’d take a nap on the couch, but he’s already passed out

Repeat chorus

Instead give me
MST3K on turkey day (x4)
Oh I want to see the bad movies
I sneak into my room and tune to Comedy Central
Science fiction spoofs on MST3k
Joel and the bots riffin on stars and hits of the day
Crash Of The Moons, (My my my my) Mitchell
(Da, da da da, da da da da dum) Swamp Diamond
(And the ultimate bad movie), Manos Hands Of Fate

Give me MST3K on turkey day (repeat and fade)
Track Name: Edward J Wanted Too Much
Edward J Wanted Too Much

[E] [D] [A] [D] progression
Edward J wanted too much
Spent his life chasing the next get rich quick gold rush

Once a pillar in the truth, the rules got to be too much he lost his call
Dying last Saturday, his funeral is my last trip to the Kingdom Hall
Now just a building to me, that has lost meaning
Old building was donated to a women’s shelter, hosting 12 step meetings

Once put his foot in the door to make his point heard
Now traipsing into the woods chasing gold climbing fences on someones word
Planning his next get rich quick gypsy adventure chasing treasures here on earth

One by one family members dropped out, the fear had lost its force
Edward J died believing the day of death is better than the day of birth
Track Name: Give Me Hope, Give Me Love
Give Me Hope, Give Me Love

[A] Give me hope to see through these dark times
[E] Where people yell and kill over which color which side
[F#m] I want to shine my light to find my own path
[D] It doesn’t take Einstein to do the math

Give me love to share for those in need
Of shelter, clothing and with innocent mouths to feed
Help is in me to find compassion
To share my blessings even when its not in fashion

[F#m] Or leave me me here without so much [D] as a care
To swim in self-pity projection self-loathing there
To spiral down into my own pit of despair

Hope and love take hard work
A constant vigil against negativity
Bombardment from all directions but worse digging into me
Can I blame my DNA for being that kind of jerk?

Give me hope to find the high road
No matter how heavy the burden, how sharp the load
Give me love to spread the seeds and be an example
Before the slipping away grains of sand

Love, its not so hard to share, but it is so hard to show
Hope, is not too much to bear, but it is so hard to grow

Repeat Chorus