Give Me Hope, Give Me Love

from by Andy Getch

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Give Me Hope, Give Me Love

[A] Give me hope to see through these dark times
[E] Where people yell and kill over which color which side
[F#m] I want to shine my light to find my own path
[D] It doesn’t take Einstein to do the math

Give me love to share for those in need
Of shelter, clothing and with innocent mouths to feed
Help is in me to find compassion
To share my blessings even when its not in fashion

[F#m] Or leave me me here without so much [D] as a care
To swim in self-pity projection self-loathing there
To spiral down into my own pit of despair

Hope and love take hard work
A constant vigil against negativity
Bombardment from all directions but worse digging into me
Can I blame my DNA for being that kind of jerk?

Give me hope to find the high road
No matter how heavy the burden, how sharp the load
Give me love to spread the seeds and be an example
Before the slipping away grains of sand

Love, its not so hard to share, but it is so hard to show
Hope, is not too much to bear, but it is so hard to grow

Repeat Chorus


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016