Strange Witness Visit

from by Andy Getch

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[E] [G] [B] [C] 4/4 fingerstyle progression

[E] The doorbell rings, [G] Saturday 9 a.m.
[B] I just got out of bed, [C] because I’m expecting
[E] Carol and Sherry to stop by, [G] we’re going roller blading
[B] Instead at the door, [C] it’s a kid holding magazines

[E] Hi sir how are you, [G] the 14 year old asks
[B] I’m here with the latest copies [C] of the Watchtower and Awake
[E] [G] [B] [C]
[E] I have visions of Chevy Chase [G] the land shark SNL skit
[B] Or worse claws reaching out [C] to pull me back into the crab bucket

Chorus (strum start at E10)
[D] If I tell them I am a lost sheep [C] Will that bring down a parade
[Bb] Of crabs wearing ties [Ab] trying to pull me back into the bucket
[Gb] I’m not ready for that [E] charade

[E] I say no thanks I’m not interested [G] have a nice day
[B] I know that any encouragement or questions, [C] will prolong their stay
[E] If I take the magazine, [G] he’ll be back probably with reinforcements
[B] To try to get me to [C] agree to a Bible study

Repeat chorus

[E] The 14 year old departs [G] down the 31st street sidewalk and smiles
[B] Others in dresses and ties roam the neighborhood [C] looking to proselytze and evangelize
[E] [G] [B] [C]
[E] Just another [G] strange witness visit
[B] Already found my own truth [C] when I was ready for it

[E] [G] [B] [C] x2
[E] [G] [B] [C] up the neck x2
[E] [G] [B] [C] repeat and fade


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016