Still Figuring Out Why

from by Andy Getch

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Still Figuring Out Why
Tenor banjo open A AC#EA

Verse 1
[D] George promised everlasting [A] life
[D] Where all your dreams come [A] true
[D] In a beautiful [A] paradise
[D] Follow him is all you have to [A] do

[A] Still figuring out why [Bm] they were mesmerized
[C#m] but I’m not surprised [D] Feel like I want to cry
[Cm] But my eyes are dry [Bm] No matter how I [A] try

Verse 2
[D] Don’t question his [A] wisdom
[D] Don’t threaten his [A] power
[D] Stop and listen to the bene [A] diction
[D] Stop and listen to it [A] now

Repeat chorus

[C] Living like out [B] siders
[C] Dreaming of Arma [B] geddon
[C] Followers of the de [B] ciders
[C] Of why and [B] how they’re [A] living

Verse 3
[D] Peter questioned his [A] wisdom
[D] Ira threatened his [A] power
[D] They stopped listening to the bene [A] diction
[D] They stopped listening to it [A] now

Repeat chorus


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016