MST3K On Turkey Day

from by Andy Getch

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This started as a montage of family holiday dinners, with football being the main feature. The Jehovah's Witnesses religion did not celebrate most holidays, although since most everybody had the day off, local family members did get together for dinner. Halfway through writing the song, the movie spoofing series, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, crashed into my head. Specifically, the Turkey day marathons of the best/worst episodes that used to be on Comedy Central in the 1990's. This album needed a fun track.


MST3K On Turkey Day

Wake up to the Macy’s parade, 50 foot Bullwinkle balloon soars over Broadway
Miss America’s fashion opinion of have a lot of sway
Not long for football, Lions play after noon
First a few more high school marching band tunes

Thanksgiving day, so much to be grateful for today
It’s not official, but we pretend its a witness holiday

Dinner is served, a dry turkey roast slathered in gravy
Lumpy mashed potato, runny pumpkin pie, and soda finish us off
Just in time for the Cowboy’s kickoff

Family drama, uncle had to much to drink again
I’d take a nap on the couch, but he’s already passed out

Repeat chorus

Instead give me
MST3K on turkey day (x4)
Oh I want to see the bad movies
I sneak into my room and tune to Comedy Central
Science fiction spoofs on MST3k
Joel and the bots riffin on stars and hits of the day
Crash Of The Moons, (My my my my) Mitchell
(Da, da da da, da da da da dum) Swamp Diamond
(And the ultimate bad movie), Manos Hands Of Fate

Give me MST3K on turkey day (repeat and fade)


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016