I’m Still The Pretender

from by Andy Getch

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My homage to the Jackson Browne song and album "The Pretender".


I’m Still The Pretender
12 string guitar tuned down a step

[G] I used to drive a [G/F#] hot rod mustang to [G/E] cypress lake high school
{C] Line up at the red light [C/B] punch it to the speed limit [Am] thinking I was cool
[G] Quiet and scared [G/F#] running from dares [G/E] of the angry fools
{C] Who had time to vent [C/B] and crime to bend [Am] all the rules

[Amaj7] I’m still the pretender
[A7] Taking a Quantum Leap inhabiting this skin
[A] Making believe I can handle situations I find myself in
[A4] Diggin deep enough for strength and peace from within

[G] I used to crawl [G/F#] to the Kingdom Hall [G/E] and pray
{C] I read the literature [C/B] New World translation of scripture [Am] about the last days
[G] Now I go to work [G/F#] and study trying to find [G/E] a new way to say
{C] What used to be [C/B] recited to me [Am] every way

[D] Yet I used to believe, [C] in wisdom handed down rolling [G] off the cuffed sleeve
[D] Just one good deed, [E] would carry away sin and [F] all that ways I’d bleed

Repeat Chorus

[G] I sold the fastback [G/F#] got a 4-cylinder hatchback [G/E] and a gator cup
{C] I ride my bike [C/B] to college to pull my [Am] self back up
[G] Out of the swamp [G/F#] on a bachelor romp [G/E] and building up tough
{C] Until I can find [C/B] a daily reminder [Am] that I am enough

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental verse

Repeat Chorus


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016