from by Andy Getch

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[D4] Disas [D2] soci [D4] ated (repeat 4 times)

[C] Tuesday night Art History, Thursday night Ecology
[B] Sunday morning I sleep in and go to the beach
[Bb] While the hangover wears off
[A] Shifting into focus

Repeat Refrain

[C] I’m not the kid I used to be
Sitting in the second row in wide eyed belief
[B] Of anything the brothers would preach
College books replacing bible studies
[Bb] Information gathering replacing reinforced brainwashes
Searching replaces waiting
[A] Adventure replaces evangelizing
Communication replaces fear and hiding

Repeat Refrain

[C] I’ve been disassociated from the society, it’s official now
[B] When I already had separated myself anyhow
[Bb] Climbed up and out of the hole of guilt, fear and shame for daily sin
[A] While a few crabs still try to pull me back in

[C] I still stay at my parents house, but not for long
[B] Safe subject conversations is the norm
[Bb] Disassociated means family and friends in the truth no longer talk to me
[A] Because I have joined the worldly people
[D] Just like I wanted to be

Repeat Refrain


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016