After The Society

from by Andy Getch

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After The Society
Open Adim EbACAAEb
Chords: A - 1o1oo1; Dm - 2o2oo2; Adim - oooooo; Bdim - 222222; Cdim - 333333;

Chorus 1
[A] After the society
[Dm] I dropped the illusion, discarded the one-way glass shield
[A] Traded dogma for temporary confusion
[Dm] Running outside in the field

[Adim] Brothers on the stage are the all-knowing sage
[Bdim] Read from the Bible Watchtower and Awake
[Cdim] Word for word turn the page
[Bdim] Firmly believing our lives are at stake

Repeat Chorus 1

[Adim] I see through the ruse its just another club trying to get more members paying dues
[Bdim] So the fat cats in society can buy more land and build notoriety
[Cdim] Making up their own interpretations and sets of rules
[Bdim] Another exclusive isolationist view

Chorus 2
[A] After the society
[Dm] I searched for a new truth, blazing a brand new trail
[A] Life is in finding solutions, do or do not
[Dm] There is no fail


from After The Society, released November 28, 2016